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The world of Halupczok furniture represents premium class in key brand pillars such as quality, design, functionality, and innovation. Since its inception, Halupczok has pursued innovative solutions rather than following established patterns. Continuous development, embedded in the company’s DNA, allows us to stay ahead of demanding customer needs. Leveraging our experts’ knowledge, technological know-how, and extensive machinery, we advance the art of innovative kitchen furniture.


Soft-close system

elegant and graceful

The soft-close system ensures silent and smooth furniture closing, enhancing user comfort. It works as a brake, cushioning the impact of the furniture against the frame, eliminating noise. This self-closing mechanism preserves the quality and aesthetics of kitchen furniture for years. Our furniture features the soft-close system, developed in collaboration with a renowned Austrian hardware manufacturer, ensuring reliability and top ergonomics. See our Madera or Fenice kitchen projects for practical examples.

Hidden actuators

the magic of innovation, or less is more

Aiming for functional solutions that surprise with innovation, we adopt the “less is more” principle. To maintain impeccable furniture aesthetics, we’ve introduced a hidden cabinet opening mechanism using Blum’s REVEGO system. The actuators for wall cabinet fronts are discreetly concealed within the cabinet body, providing a light opening and closing experience while preserving the furniture’s aesthetic appeal. Another feature enhancing user and visual experience is the pull-out island countertop without supports, as seen in our Ravenna kitchen

Invisible Hinges

A Minimalist’s Dream

Elegant, quiet, and functional—these are the key features of concealed hinges within the furniture body. Designed for minimalists who value simple solutions with high functionality, these invisible hinges maintain the furniture’s unique character and style without disrupting its visual coherence. Their versatile design makes them a unique solution for almost any kitchen arrangement, exemplified by the precision in our Goia kitchen.

Drawer lift system

tomorrow is today

Our proprietary drawer height adjustment system allows customization to the client’s unique preferences. Introduced in the Rivoli kitchen, this solution was patented by the Polish Patent Office in 2019. It offers uncompromised usability while maintaining perfect aesthetics, providing inventors and progressive solution enthusiasts with unparalleled storage freedom and convenience.

Handle lighting system

avant-garde design

Awarded a patent by the Polish Patent Office in 2019, the handle lighting system and customizable engraving elevate kitchen furniture to a futuristic level. We introduced the illumination of handles by means of a cable-free low-voltage installation into the design of the Siena kitchen. This solution not only allowed us to increase the usability of the kitchen furniture, but also added an individual and unique form that fits in with the users’ unique preferences.

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