A company is not only a place, it’s primarily people. Their competences, talents, commitment and creativity allow us to build a professional team. Today my dream comes true because you will find excellent architects, wood technologists, carpenters and fitters in our company who derive great satisfaction from their work. From the very beginning, I valued the highest attention to detail, materials, quality and functionality of the product. I based my success on mutual trust of my clients and employees. By combining craftsmanship tradition with modern materials, patterns and technology, I can make your dreams come true.

Adrian Halupczok – the brand and company owner


The most beautiful stories come straight from the heart. The designs of our modern kitchens are like stories in which inspiration and emotion drawn directly from the world around us are combined with the experience and energy of our designers’ team. The synergy of all these factors creates new contexts in which the heart is always the central point of reference – just as the kitchen is the space for these ordinary and unusual events in family life. Just like the heart of every home – full of energy, affection and emotions.

In search of the lightness of form, we create modern custom-made kitchens far exceeding the standards of common solutions or ordinary character. Kitchens which are beautiful and elegant,. with an open, plastic and flexible form, tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Our patterns are based on best practices and are finally shaped by the users rather than the architects. Because the users are those who create family stories, simple and incredible at the same time. That is why our modern Halupczok kitchens are more than the heart of your home. They offer a versatile and synthetic approach to family challenges, expectations, hopes, emotions, integrating past events with the future ones.

Modern kitchens inspired by elegance, perfection of form, reflect the desires and aspirations of our customers.



We create new solutions exceeding conventions, combining and dividing, using texture, style and colour. We experiment to find the best solutions. We bravely break the arrangement schemes. We create modern and intriguing interiors, but still having in mind the canon of classic beauty. We create by drawing on the experience of an excellent team of our designers. Their professionalism and the creative energy are important to us. Just as important are the future users of our modern kitchens who are full of passion and sense of taste, and look for new experiences, who are full of individuality and rich in diversity, who appreciate the value of classical elegance, and share with us the values of the World of H.

Aware of the richness of desires and needs, moved by the different experiences of our customers, we create kitchen worlds corresponding to this diversity. Our arrangements reflect the most beautiful emotions and visions of our designers. This is an unconventional creation, an invitation to a journey to an endless story of craftsmanship, style and tasteful details.

“Our kitchens are complex, just like people’s stories. 
We draw on his vision. We draw on the experience of our designers and the emotions of our customers”

– Adrian Halupczok, owner and creator of the Halupczok brand.


Home is like a safe haven to which we want to return, seeking solace in familiar spaces. It’s full of memories and expectations. Hopes and inspirations. It’s emotions in their pure form. It is the result of our desires, experiences, simple stories and solemn moments. The home is us, its inhabitants.

We want our modern kitchens to be an integral part of your home, the background for all these moments that make up both familiar and emerging contexts: family stories, sublime events, seemingly prosaic moments, which in reality build the image of our inner world.

We create design that stimulate the senses. Stemming out of classic elegance, striving towards artistic independence. We create to arouse emotions. To bring joy and delight. To create an elegant, inspiring yet harmonious space that is soothing and safe. We create the World of H to make the boldness of our arrangements, craftsmanship of details and workmanship surpass your expectations, and because we want our kitchens to create a space for your personal experience.

World of Happiness

A modern kitchen filled with the aroma of roasted coffee beans, resounding with joy from successful culinary experiments, filled with tenderness resulting from the observation of scattered flakes after the first attempts at the independence of yet untrained small hands… Can happiness be anything other than a sense of security and certainty of support in the family, the peaceful stability of trivial but important events of everyday life?

We know how important our kitchens are in the life of each of our clients. All the more, we appreciate the trust you place in us and we try to create interiors that meet the most sophisticated tastes, the most daring expectations, the strictest determinants of elegance and the simplest events of everyday life. When designing kitchens, we are aware of the fact that we create good emotions and happy moments.

Thank you.
We are glad that we can create our kitchens for you.

World of H.

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