Ariana captivates with its bold and modern approach to design. The striking combination of matt and gloss, bevelled glass, and glossy lacquer offer a stylistic journey to the far corners of the globe.

Expressive combination of textures

Moroccan gold is reminiscent of love in Casablanca, and the original, irregularly waved pattern of the furniture fronts brings out the passionate glints and shadows of this feeling. The dominant colour of a precious metal intermingled with the deep black are like two elements that seem to fight for attention. Glazed drawers, with the possibility of personalglass engraving, as well as capacious and illuminated cabinets reflect the functional side of the collection, emphasised additionally by the ergonomic solutionsfor the location of household appliances.

Striking beauty enclosed in a decorative frame

Passionate glitters and shadows

The top of the kitchen island, enriched with a system for induction charging of mobile phones, was made of stain-resistant stone raw material, resistant to impact and abrasion. The stylized frame, whose sheen corresponds with the gleaming glazing of handleless fronts, as if in a painting, emphasises the striking beauty enclosed in the wavy facade of the furniture. The crowning glory of the collection are the ornate golden handles which completes the whole like jewels in a royal crown.

Compilation of design and advanced technology

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